Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our 1st Wedding

It's official my little brother is married and I have a sister! It was such a blessing to be a part of it. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride. The family keeps asking to see pictures and well, the truth is we were all so busy celebrating non of us took out a camera, not even for a phone picture. The only camera that was busy shooting photos was my mother in laws. She was with us celebrating and helping with the kids, so while you wait for official wedding pictures I give to you...

Our first Wedding
A picture Documentary of the Ring Bearers and Flower Girl

Being little means waiting till the last minute to get dressed and ready. Like most things I do, I choose to do it with a snack in hand.

A princess should never walk down the isle alone, that is why God gave me Daddy.

Siting with the guys after our big race down the isle.

Weddings are long, and there is a lot of talking. We decided to go off to the side for a snack break.
The wedding is over but we are still waiting on everyone. Time for an movie break.

Hanging at the Reception with all the family. Great Grandma and all the Grandkids.

Snack time again, and yes all we do is eat. Time to kick back and relax. Next up, spinning and summersaults on the dance floor.

Friday, November 25, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Decorate A Pumpkin???

You can CARVE a Pumpkin

This year we dressed up in random costumes for family dinner and pumpkin carving. This might be a new family tradition.

You can DECORATE a Pumpkin

You can PAINT a Pumpkin
Using foil,
& Brushes

Here are some of the other fall decorations the Kids helped me make. I didn't get pictures of the process.

Thankful Turkey-we write what we are thankful for on each feather.

Turkey Handprints
Fall Leaves-done with swirled acrylic paint and shaving cream. Tons of fun, but I have not mastered this one yet.

Melted Crayon leaves, these were time consuming, but they turned out really nice.

These are some other random things the kids did at home, school, and church that they wanted to hang up.

Now I am off to go hunt down idea for Christmas Decorations. Pintrest here I come!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Showin off my moves!
Watch this


Fall Farm Fun

We took the kids to Schnepf's Farm and had a ton of fall fun.

The plane ride was a big hit with the boys. I lost count with how many times they rode it.

The boys are checking their maps so they can help us navigate the corn maze.

Papa and Kayla went a little off the path. She enjoys her little adventures with Papa.

We had one fan of the petting zoo.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Future Pilots

This weekend I had the joy of watching my boys experience one of my fondest memories growing up, flying in my Dad's (Papa's) airplane. They always love going to the airport and playing in the airplane. We wanted to wait until we were confident the boys would not be scared of the noise and were able to comprehend and communicate that they were ready to go up. And oh were they ready. They could not wait to take off. Nathan was so ready that he insisted that he could fly the plane himself with no help. I am not quite sure he realizes that if this plane crashes it does not reset like his Wii flights do. He must have asked Papa 30 times "how does the plane work Papa?" For their first flight they sat in the back with Daddy while I flew in the co pilot spot. Next time, Papa will probably let them take turns as co pilot.

Practicing for his solo flight.

Can you find some familiar faces?

In flight, and loving it! The headsets help him to talk to papa and allow him to listen to the tower. Which in case you are interested the tower is the first place Nathan said he wants to work when he gets big.

It was a successful flight of three touch and goes. Everyone is already planning a second trip.

Thanks Dad for another fun flight memory.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summersaults and Head Spins

Nathan has been standing on his head for weeks now. It does not matter where he is or what is going on he is standing on his head. In his bed, in the store, half naked when he gets off of the potty, EVERYWHERE! As of today Nathans head stands have taken a little spin.

And in true sibling fashion Andrew and Kayla are trying desperatly to keep up. Andrew can balance on his head if he is leaning against something and does summersaults. And well Kayla just puts her forhead to the ground and her little butt in the air.

Here is a little piece of their latest head moves.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Fun

Someone caught Kayla attacking brother with her basket.

She knew she was guilty.

Big Brother sharing with his little sis.